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Cool spots for photos in Jacksonville, Florida

Whether you are in the area for a vacation at the beach or if you are just passing through along the interstate, Jacksonville, Florida has…

Visiting the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona!

If you have ever been to Arizona, you are aware pretty much most of the state is a desert which happens to be full of…

Fausett Farms Sunflower Field in Dawsonville, Georgia

Have you ever pictured yourself surrounded by a ton of sunflowers in the middle of the North Georgia mountains? Yea, me neither but that is…

My absolute travel must have items

Gosh – I truly dislike packing for trips! I am the person who is literally putting crap in my bags as I am walking out…

Krog Street Market

If you are ever in the Atlanta area near the neighborhood of Cabbagetown, you have to go first drive around and see the murals and…