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Krog Street Market

If you are ever in the Atlanta area near the neighborhood of Cabbagetown, you have to go first drive around and see the murals and then head to Krog Street Market and grab some lunch at one of the many great eateries.

I have only driven by the Market and I knew that there was a Tex-Mex restaurant that had an outdoor seating area, but I had no idea that inside the old warehouse, there are at least 5-10 other places to grab some amazing food. They have a varied menu selection and I kinda wish I could have gotten something from each stall but alas, my moma and I decided to try Richard’s Southern Fried.


Y’all – it was insanely delicious! We split the loaded potato wedges and I so wish I had some in front of me right now! Healthy they are not but sometimes you have to splurge. And when it has potatoes, chicken, AND cheese- Well who could resist! And if it is not too crazy busy, you can sit at their little counter (like we did!) and watch them make some of the items!

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Georgia Krog Street Market Richard's Southern Fried

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Georgia Krog Street Market Richard's Southern Fried

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Georgia Krog Street Market Richard's Southern Fried loaded potato wedges

While waiting on our meal to be freshly prepared, I walked across the aisle to the cutest little essential oil bath goodies that smelled heavenly. Soaps, roller blends for whatever ails you (headaches, tension, congestion, etc), and scrubs galore. I found myself drawn to the grapefruit and citrus scents because they are my jam. I loved that there was a tester station for the scrubs and that is definitely what sold me on them! If you are looking for a wonderful gift idea for a friend, coworker, or maybe you want a “treat yo-self” gift, check out Mama Bath + Body essential oil sugar scrub. The smells are divine, it leaves you feeling smooth because of the shea butter, and it’s under $20. Oh and it’s made locally in Georgia. I plan on buying all the things because she sells her products on her website. This grapefruit tangerine scrub is life.

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Georgia Krog Street Market Mama Bath + Body grapefruit tangerine sugar scrub

Last up at the Krog Street Market is the The Merchant & Co. They have all kinds of neat antique vintage finds, stationary and other various paper goods, and just the cutest give ideas! Since I am always trying to save money for future adventures, all that I purchased was the Atlanta postcard above. but you should definitely stop if you are looking for something unique for yourself or someone else! Plus take a selfie for “good luck.”

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Georgia Krog Street Market The Merchant & Co

Have you ever been to Krog Street Market? What is your favorite place to eat at there? Leave a comment below with your order for my next visit!


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