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DIY Brushstroke Faux “Wallpaper”

In today’s series of Sami is broke and has bougie taste, I am going to show you my laundry room transformation. I am so very pumped with how it turned out. It’s funky and different and oh so easy to DIY. Plus my dad hates it which is pretty much my whole style apparently. 😂

When I first walked through the house and saw this space, I immediately envisioned a cool patterned wallpaper. Since the space is so small, I thought having something bold and bright would make it really fun. So began my search. And I searched. And searched.

Apparently finding a wallpaper I like, much like everything else for my house, is hard. Everything was TOO patterned or TOO expensive. I know- I am very particular and difficult. Such is my life. But in enters one evening while scrolling on Instagram where I saw the epic stairwell wall of My Grant Parent’s Chair. Her DIY brushstroke faux “wallpaper” immediately caught my eye and let’s be honest, it suited my pocketbook because I had black paint leftover from my front door repaint!

This DIY faux “wallpaper” as I have been calling it was SUPER easy and only took a few hours. All you need is a color of your choosing and a 1’ish inch brush from one of those craft paint brush multipack. That really is it!

Now for some before and afters!

and a timelapse I took of me painting! Because I am fascinated by the process.

Let me know what ya think!


Can't find a wallpaper you like? Look no further than this $0.00 home upgrade DIY brushstroke faux wallpaper hack! It only takes a couple of hours and can be done with supplies you have on hand.
Sami Mastrario
Sami Mastrario

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