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A ❤️ letter to Venice

Venice has this transcendent atmosphere. It is a place where when you stop and listen, you can hear so many languages. Smelling the delicious garlicky…

It’s quite difficult to leave Venice, Italy without taking hundreds of photos. There are many stunning landmarks, dozens of colorful structures, and numerous beautiful bridges around every corner. This city is spellbinding, and it can make a person want to come back again and again.

How to get incredible photos of yourself while traveling

When I post a photo on Instagram, I usually get comments or DMs asking, “Who is taking all of your photos when you are traveling?”…

10 reasons why I love Siena, Italy

If you are fortunate while attending college or university, there are usually many extraordinary opportunities of earning college class credit abroad. The abundance of destinations all over…

Why Siena is the perfect base for your Italian adventure

My love of Siena is never ending as you may can tell. In my mind, it is a place I have felt so comfortable living…