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Finding a photographer while traveling

As a traveler, we all want those picture perfect photos to remember our adventures (and share on social media if we are going to be super honest). It is hard getting quality, gorgeous photos when you are a solo traveler and even more so when we are attempting to use a tripod and do it yourself.

If you want to try DIY photography, check out my post on what I recommend! I have used this method for multiple international solo trips!

DIY is a wonderful, in-a-pinch alternative but sometimes, the luxury of getting someone else to be the photographer is too hard to resist. Here are 3 tips to ensure you are finding a photographer while traveling abroad.

Social media is the EASIEST!

This may be a shocker but I have found that social media was the best route to find a photographer for my trip to Santorini. Although a quick Google search can pull up a bunch of results for websites, the most recent body of work for photographer’s is typically on social media. However, I gave Google the benefit of the doubt and I myself contacted a ton of photographers in Santorini through their website and NEVER heard back. As a photographer myself, I found that appalling.

Surprisingly, on Instagram I didn’t have this issue. I got immediate responses from the few I contacted (taking into mind the time difference and such)! I searched the hashtag #SantoriniPhotographer and started DROOLING over all the pretty things. I recommend you go to your Instagram (the social media app that is just known for pretty pictures), search your destination + photographer hashtag, and browse!

Make sure their body of work is YOUR style

This idea is pretty self-explanatory but you obviously want to go with a photographer who produces work that is your style. Don’t find a photographer, do a session, and expect them to alter their session process and their post-processing to fit your aesthetic. That is kinda lowkey rude. Depending on the destination, I am positive you can find someone who is a perfect fit!


This one is a bit of self-explanatory but you obviously want to find someone you can actually communicate with either verbally or via written conversations. If you are not able to discuss locations ideas, your ultimate vision for the session, or you cannot understand the posing directions they are giving at a session, it is safe to say you probably shouldn’t have booked them. You need to find someone you can communicate with SOMEHOW.

Some other tips:

  • If you find the perfect photographer but they are booked, don’t be scared to ask for a recommendation for another.
  • Although the golden hour right before sunset is ideal and gorgeous, depending on your location, early morning may be the better option because you will more than likely have an empty city.
  • Dress for comfort but also think about your destination. Better yet, bring multiple outfits if they can accommodate.
  • Schedule your session at the end of your time at the destination. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to go to all of your favorite locations you may have stumbled upon while you are at a destination and will make your session locations a little more personalized and treasured.


Practice what you preach!

To read more about my trip to Santorini, click here!

And here are the results of my own success on finding a photographer for my time while I was abroad in Santorini. As I mentioned, I hardcore google’d and contacted some photographers and I was just less than impressed with their lackluster response. I think because I was not a high paying wedding client, they really didn’t care about answering me maybe? But it all worked out in the end. I went to Instagram as I mentioned above and I found Yuliya at Yuliya Tsvetkova Photography. Just check our her Santorini-filled glorious Instagram feed!

She was lovely to work with and managed to take some gorgeous photos in a stunning location and I LOVE them which is a feat because I am super picky! I hit the jackpot with her because she even gave me all of the unedited RAW files since I was a photographer myself and wanted to edit them to how I wanted. This kind of goes back to communicating with your photographer and making sure they fit with you! I asked ahead of time and at the end of the session, we uploaded them to my laptop in a pinch. She also was kind enough to bring her camera battery charger since I completely forgot my travel adapters and my camera was on its last leg of battery life. She was a doll the whole way around.

Santorini, Greece

Finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

Finding a photographer while traveling

My hair was a hot mess because all of my electrical appliances were not functional without the adapters and I was a sweaty disaster but Yuliya made me feel beautiful and captured me in my dream location. I have zero complaints!

Tell me – do you have any tips for finding a photographer while traveling? What destinations do you have plans to finding a photographer for? Comment below!


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