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Savannah, Georgia Eats

My beloved Savannah, Georgia + amazing food? Count me IN!

I lived in Savannah for 6 wonderful years while I got my two college degrees. I loved exploring the hostess city of the South and all that it had to offer (which is a LOT). After my freshmen year, I can say that I hardly ever went to River Street or City Market unless it was with a family member who visited Savannah. If you are familiar with the city, those two areas are usually the tourist hubs as well as the eateries The Lady & Sons, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, and The Pirate’s House. I will admit, I did eat at The Lady & Sons when I was researching for a paper on Paula Deen, but I somehow managed to avoid the other two.

Now, I am not saying that those places are not delicious because I am sure that they are; but I can promise you that anyone that actually lives in the area does not eat at those places. There are so many other options to choose from in the city, downtown or otherwise, that local traffic usually finds different fare. Plus, us Southerners have moma’s to make us Southern food like fried chicken and cornbread on the daily so going to Mrs. Wilkes is not a special treat like it may be for those not from the area.

So let us delve a little deeper into the Savannah, Georgia eats that you don’t want to miss on your visit.


Clary’s Cafe

Yes, this sort of it like a tourist spot because of it’s infamous part in the book (and movie) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but I assure you, tourists do not actually flock here in droves for breakfast for some reason. I don’t know if they just forgot it’s role in the book and movie or they are unimpressed by it’s plain fascade, but this place is diner heaven. This no-frills breakfast spot is always hopping with locals. Homefries, hash, biscuits and gravy, you can get it all and it’s not going to break the bank either!

Goose Feathers: An Express Cafe & Bakery

Located on the corner of Barnard and Congress, just off from busy Broughton Street, Goose Feathers can easily be found on a Saturday morning because there is always a line curved out the door. Whether they are there for the coffee, meals, or the pastries, locals are willing to wait for the food and I think that speaks for itself.

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats Goose Feathers Cafe Caramel LAtte

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats Goose Feathers Cafe


Soho South Cafe

Comfort food with a gourmet twist? An insanely beautiful restaurant that is sometimes used as a wedding venue? Count me in. I have been here a few times, one time eating at their bar with the electric blue tufted-and-studded barstools, SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats Soho South Cafeand the other few times, eating with all of their indoor greenery in the mismatched tables and chairs. If you go, you cannot go wrong with the Soho South Special of grilled cheese and tomato basil bisque. It’s fancy but also reminds you of your moma’s cooking. This place is only open for lunch so take that into account when planning!

Be sure you pay for parking on weekday visits because Savannah parking patrol is not a joke. They somehow find your delinquent parked car and they will ticket you. Kinda like Liam Neeson in the movie Taken but definitely not as cool. Actually a lot less cool than Liam. Tickets suck.

Vinnie Van Go-Go’s

Don’t be fooled by this run-down looking restaurant. Although it is located in the touristy City Market, Vinnie’s is kind of like the red-headed step child because it just is SO different that pristine, Victorian Savannah. This pizza joint is a must. The slices are huge and it’s reasonably priced too! Be sure to get a seat out on the patio if the weather is nice because you can gawk at tourists, watch carriages go by, and hilariously make fun of the people who don’t know how to drive around the square. Did I mention it was on a square? Because it is. Also, make sure you have cash because that is the only payment type they accept. No credit cards and no checks. Ca$h money!


This is the perfect place to go when the weather is nice out because they are strictly a carry-out kinda place. Grab a sandwich and take a seat on one of the many benches in the squares. Again, there is usually a line our the door but you cannot go wrong with any sandwich from here. Oh, and they have vegetarian options too!


The Vault Kitchen and Market

If you love Asian-influenced food, this place is definitely for you. What used to be a bank is now one of Savannah’s newest and most delicious restaurants! I have eaten here with my moma after a suggestion from a friend and I was no disappointed. We did a little plate sharing and got some delicious pork dumplings with ginger sauce I could of drank right from the serving cup (but restrained myself), a blue cheese and pear salad, and Teller Chicken tacos (with no cilantro obvi) and I seriously would drive back to Savannah just to eat that food again. In fact I have.

SamiM Adventures Savannah, Georgia Eats The Vault Pork Dumplins

SamiM Adventures Savannah, Georgia Eats The Vault Pork Dumplins

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Vault Teller Chicken Tacos

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Vault

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Vault

Treylor Park

Right on Bay Street right near the River, this place is another new find for me as a recommendation from some friends. I seriously have the best friends because they have told me about some delicious food. Be sure when you visit, you get the Treylor Park Nachos which are, plot twist, actually waffle fries. But they are unhealthily loaded with cheese and sour cream and fried chicken and pickles and a balsamic sauce and ranch and I am literally drooling thinking of them. I enjoyed a Recliner (bourbon sweet tea, crushed raspberries, and lemon) cocktail with my meal and my moma had the shrimp and grit tacos which she loved. When we were there, some guy ordered the Low Country pizza and he seemed to be reaaallllly enjoying it.

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Treylor Park Nachos

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Treylor Park Shrimp and Grit Tacos


Back in the Day Bakery

In an atmosphere full of southern charm and eclectic antiques, you cannot miss this incredible place! I have eaten here so many times – for both lunch and the pastries – that someone once bought me a giftcard there because of my well-known love of BitDB. The Pimento and Pig is such a delicious twist on the classic southern dish. And don’t get me started on the old fashioned cupcake. There is a perfect balance between the homemade sweet icing and the not as sweet cake. They also sell breads, other delicious deserts, and lattes with homemade simple syrups. If you like different kind of drinks, you should try a latte with lavender simple syrup!

Paris Market

A little cafe located in the cutest market store on Broughton St. This is such a destination full of odds and ends, and the cafe has some delicious sweets that makes you think you are right in the middle of France.

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Paris Market

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Paris Market

SamiM Adventures Savannah Eats The Paris Market

No matter the meal, eating like a local in Savannah, Georgia is delicious and the choices are superb!

Have you eaten at any of these places? Have any recommendations for Savannah, Georgia eats?


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  1. February 7, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Wow! Thanks for sharing all these ideas! Lovely recommendations and even lovelier photos. Such high quality.

    • Sami Mastrario
      February 10, 2018 / 9:57 am

      Thank you so much! No matter where you go in downtown Savannah, the food will not disappoint! ?

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