Book Review: The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton

Add this book to your TBR list asap! Synopsis from Author A powerful, revealing story of hope, love, justice, and the power of reading by…

A guide to High Falls State Park

While the cities of Georgia are fun and full of their own activities, escaping to one of the 40+ Georgia state parks has its own…

DIY Paint your Fridge

You may remember that I sanded and painted my cabinets (over a period of what felt like 20 years because there were so many dang…

My 10 favorite beautiful places in the US to visit!

If you traveled nowhere else but around the United States, you would still get to experience so many varying terrains, natural wonders, and seriously jaw-dropping beauty. You can literally spend your life traveling the country and still not see everything there is to offer. Whether you’re looking for nature’s greatest hits or charming little jaunts that take a little digging to find, here are my 10 favorite beautiful places in the US that I have visited and loved!

EASY skincare routine

As if 2020 & 2021 has not been tough enough, I turned 30 and TikTok Gen-Z has decided that everything about me has designated me as an “old person.” OLD, y’all. I must fight back! I have a quick and easy skincare routine for you to try out if you want to make your skin happy, soft, and as beautiful as your 20s when you took it for granted.

How to Decorate your Home with Plants

Indoor plants, in my opinion, are a very important part of interior design. They have the ability to help even the most sterile spaces look lively and really brighten up space. Let’s chat about the different ways on how to decorate your home with plants in a chic way!

Montana and Wyoming National Park Road Trip

Are you looking for the perfect road trip to do with your family or friends? Perhaps you are looking for some solo time in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the US? This Montana and Wyoming national park road trip is sure to be a hit.