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DIY Paint your Fridge

You may remember that I sanded and painted my cabinets (over a period of what felt like 20 years because there were so many dang doors) and I seriously love the results. I was going for a Mediterranean color scheme with yellow lemon accents and I really love how it brightened up the space especially after the off-white linoleum was removed and the hardwood floors were refinished to the dark brown to match the rest of the Hudson House.

Click to see the before/afters!

Today, we are back in my kitchen for DIY that adds a pop of bright color to the space, was uber easy, and doesn’t break the bank. Here is how to DIY paint your fridge in 5 simple steps!

When it came to preparing for this project, there are not many resources available via google so I kind of created my own process and tested it for a year before sharing it. Yes, you read that right, my fridge has been painted for a year! I honestly wanted to see how the paint held up from normal use.

Take note, I do not have kiddos in my house so normal use includes me, myself, and I.

Supplies to DIY paint your fridge

  • Sandpaper
  • Clean washrag
  • Appliance paint (this was recommended to me by the paint dude at Lowes)
  • Brush (For the nooks and crannies of your fridge. I love this set because it’s good quality for a great price).
  • Foam Cabinet Roller (For the smooth finish on the majority of the door, this set is *chef’s kiss.*)
  • Sealant (optional)

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