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Recap of 2019!

What a wild, exhausting, and crazy ride 2019 has been. In case you didn’t know, I bought a house. ?

But 2019 has been so much more than my house despite it taking up so much of my latter part of the year. It has been a year of clarity, of investigation, a year of taking a step back, going on different adventures, and quite frankly, a year of rest.

This year, I have really found a true understanding of me as a person. I have deep-dived what it means to be an Enneagram 5 and fully embraced my intense niche-driven research tendencies. From that research, I have learned a ton such as: more about the family that built my house, reading allllll the documents/watching all the hearings in regards to the Impeachment saga, learning tips and tricks on redoing a kitchen on a budget, finding the perfect Moroccan rug, and even learning all I can about the Jim Reeb case from the Civil Rights Movement. You name it, I probably put a couple hours of reading/research on the topic to become a better informed citizen (and to suit my neurotic tendencies of hoarding data).

But this has also been a year of rest- sort of. I took a major step back from my second job of photography this year and just gave myself grace. Instead of spending an evening at my friends’ house on my laptop editing, I played games or watched movies. Instead of designing advertising and writing website content, I read more books. I binged shows that were delightful. Some were terrible. I did what I wanted and it was incredible.

But yes, alas, the rest of my year was kind of not restful but I was proving that I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR. I tackled project after project practically on my own for my house. It was an intense 5 months to say the least. Whether it was putting together my guest bed, painting a faux wallpaper in my laundry room, putting together my kitchen island, or heck – sanding and painting and hanging cabinets, I proved that just because I haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it now. I did have a lot of my wonderful friends and family step in a few times and help and that has been such a blessing too.

My highlights in 2019:

Click to see the house tour before I moved in!

  • A weekend in North Georgia roasting marshmallows, picking apples, and climbing a graffiti covered mountain with my favorite people- my family!
  • Flew my oldest nephew to California for his special 10-year-old trip with Aunt Sami. Went to a Disney park for the first time – for both of us!
  • Chopped off my hair.
  • Hosted my first event in my own home. I only had a minor meltdown. As an introvert who values their private space, it was a major step.
  • Turned 29 and didn’t even freak out about it. Age is really not affecting me yet.

2019 has been, dare I say, fun? No matter what, it has been my favorite year yet.


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