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How to Decorate your Home with Plants

Indoor plants, in my opinion, are a very important part of interior design. They have the ability to help even the most sterile spaces look lively and really brighten up space. Plants are great for air quality reasons but they are mood boosters too!

I am a big fan of having indoor plants. If you have seen photos of the Hudson House, you may have noticed the abundance of plants that I have! But not even 5 years ago, I didn’t own a plant and when I made the mistake of purchasing something, without fail I always killed them. Even those “cannot be killed plants.”

Oh, how time has changed. Nowadays, it takes me a solid 30 minutes to water my plants each week. If you are starting your plant journey, check out my post on my 5 recommended plants for beginners! But finding the perfect plants is just the start- incorporating them into your home is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Let’s chat about the different ways on how to decorate your home with plants in a chic way!

Using Pots & Planters to decorate your home with plants!

Perhaps the easiest and most common way to incorporate plants is to just use a pot or planter! This is just self-explanatory. The key is to choose some interesting ones of various depths, heights, and even with some cool patterns and it will really liven up your home!

But let me share some of my favorite and fun ones that I recommend! The textures and different heights really add some fun to a space.

Using Glass Propagation Wall Stations or Jars to decorate your home with plants!

Did you know that some plant clippings can grow roots in the water? This is called propagation. I have done this millions of times with my pothos plant vines and it’s kind of wild seeing the roots grow over several weeks.

I have been obsessed with propagating my plants and creating even more plants! Not only is it super easy, it really looks great in these wall propagation plant hangers that I recently purchased.

This pothos vine is also using a wall plant clip I talk about in the bottom of this post to make it crawl my wall!

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    Using Plant Hangers to decorate your home with plants!

    I love a good viney plant drooping over the side of a plant hanger. This on-trend home decor suggestion usually just requires a macrame hanger and a good anchor hanger in the ceiling and voila, you have a fun plant that adds something to void space that otherwise would be empty!

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    But if you are like me, as someone who has 12 feet tall ceilings, my dream of hanging plants is a bit harder in some of my rooms because honestly, I am not going to climb a ladder that high. It just ain’t happening for this scaredy-cat klutz.

    But alas, I have figured out that all it takes is buying a cool hook and you can have your plant hanging dreams realized! Sometimes you can find vintage ones that are very industrial with pulley hooks. My recommendation is you get one that sticks out a bit unless you want your plants resting against the wall.

    Other fun ideas to incorporate plants into your home decor!

    Pretty much anything can be turned into a planter or plant hanger, sometimes you just got to think outside of the book!

    For example, I DIY’d this frame plant. I purchased these two gold frames several years ago and they were for displaying plates. That is seriously not my vibe but I loved the frames so much. I removed the plates, purchased a faux drooping plant, stapled it to the back of the frame, and voila, a really cool focal piece for my wall.

    If you are on a budget, check out your local thrift store for steals!

    But another thing you can use teacups, pots, vintage cans, and so much more! Anything is really possible when it comes to planters.

    Planterior Design extras!

    This watering squeeze bottle is perfect for hitting those small openings on your wall planters so less water dripping all over the place! Here are two different sizes for under $10.00. I swear by these.

    A moisture meter to check whether your plant is ready for watering. It’s especially helpful in the winter season when they don’t need watering as often.

    Plant clips for your walls to create those long, climbing vines. These have peel back stickers and the clips can be twisted to secure the plants inside the clips. Super easy and not very noticeable when looking at the vines!

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